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I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil and after high school, I studied at the Art Institute of Seattle majoring in "Animation, Arts and Design." I have been working full-time as an artist at various companies for the last 18+ years and have also worked freelance out of her home during that time. 

In 2008 we welcomed our 1st daughter; then in 2015 our 2nd. Since then they have served as an inspiration for all sorts of fun art and craft projects. When I'm not busy working, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the family - you'll usually find me watching HGTV and plotting out my next big project...maybe it could be yours!

Whether you have a graphic design/business need or if you are looking to jazz up your walls with some fun new artwork, I'm your lady! I look forward to meeting with you and melding our ideas together to create the perfect piece of art to meet your needs.



Beyond art and our family, Joy and her husband have a passion for our faith and the community. We both serve in a menagerie of organizations and would love to connect you with any one of them. Please check out the links of who we support.


Royal Family Kids Camp

Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.)

Remember Nhu

Crossfire Paintball

Horizon Community Church


Northwest Children's Outreach

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