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Someone once told me to keep a record of "pick-me-ups"​ - to keep me going and encouraged on days when it's hard to be creative. I'm glad I listened.



“I’m lovin’ me some Joy right now.” - Current Employer 4.2013


"Your Designs are the BEST in the industry" - Client 4.2012


“You are so professional and so easy to work with. Thanks for Everything” - Supplier 7.2010


“What I’m saying  Joy is, You are the best we’ve ever had” - Current Employer 2008


“Rob loves you, loves you, loves you - in a work sort of way.” - Client 3.2007


” Did Jeff give you a raise this weekend? I went on and on about how great you are to work with! Thank you!!!“ - Client 10.2006


“ Thank you very much for your excellent designs and help getting this one on our pages. It will sell like hot cakes.’ - Client 10.2004


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